Wednesday, September 4, 2019

How to create secure list in OneDrive

As we are thinking that OneDrive can offer only document library to store our personal documents, but technically OneDrive comes from SharePoint family. So, it can offer lots of feature like SharePoint.

So, in this blog, we are going to learn how to create a new list in OneDrive using GUI. And I am going to create a new list to store my upcoming event information and in future I will setup MS Flow to send a reminder email to me.

Most of the SharePoint techie knows, how the SharePoint URL designed and Basically, OneDrive URL formation will be like following format

So, in the above URL just replace Onedrive.aspx to viewlsts.aspx at end of the URL, it will take you to the Site Content page, where you can view and create List, Library, sub-sites and adding SharePoint Apps.

As highlighted in above image, just click new button and select List and on next screen just provide your list name. in my case I just given like MyList and checked Show in site navigation checkbox.

One thing we should know, OneDrive home page has some customized left navigation, so your newly created list will not be displayed.

Once list created, click GOG icon from top right and click List setting to customize your newly created list

I have created Some columns and items in the list

Now if you go to your OneDrive home page, you can’t see your newly created list on Left navigation, so you can copy your List URL and add it in your default library as item. Click new and select link option.

Then, provide your list URL and provide file name for it. And it will store like a bookmark for you

And finally, you can see your new list added in the root library as an item, so you can setup a separate permission for that URL items.